Turn old windows into a greenhouse.

Turn old windows into a greenhouse.

It took Cheft about $300 bucks in materials and a year and a half to gather the cast-off windows used to make his very own backyard greenhouse.

Overall, the finished greenhouse measures 7' h x 10' d x 6' wide. Check out his brief guide over on Instructables for further inspiration. Via.

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DaiquiriDiva on Mar 09, 2009:

I've wanted to do this for years!  Just never had the space.  There always seems to be windows for free or cheap in the classifieds.  I thought it would be perfect if I could get a big sliding glass door for either end, especially if they came with the screens intact.  Would save installing a fan, although I would think they might be more difficult to frame in and they're a lot heavier to deal with than the smaller windows.  I kinda like the 'patchwork' effect with the mismatched windows though.  Adds character!

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