Five Easy Ways To Update Your Sofa

Five Easy Ways To Update Your Sofa

The itch to switch things up is beginning to overwhelm me. The urge hits with the first fresh smell of Spring, the first crisp Fall day and the day after New Year's Day. With the back door open and a warm breeze blowing this morning,  I simply have to change the visual landscape of my living room. Today I'm looking at my trusty gray sofa. The fabric has worn like iron, I've never tired of it and any number of accent colors work with it.

Interior designer Greg Dunlop demonstrates five simple ways to update your sofa for little or no money.

1. Move your sofa

2. Purchase a slipcover for it 

3. Replace the back cushions with comparably sized loose pillows

4. Add color, pattern and texture with new throw pillows

5.  Change the furniture around the sofa, what you are TOO used to seeing right next to it

Your sofa is one of the most important and expensive pieces of furniture you have, so purchasing new may not be an option right now. Get creative and you may find you don't even want a new sofa.


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