The Naked Sideboard, and Other Stuff Spotted at the MIA

The Naked Sideboard, and Other Stuff Spotted at the MIA

A couple weeks ago while visiting the Minnesota Institute of Arts, MWT said, "Look, a naked sideboard" as he pointed to Gerrit Rietveld & Gerard A van de Groenekan's 'Sideboard'. Located in the museum's Modernism Collection, the piece measures 41 1/4" x 78 3/4" x 17 1/2". Constructed primarily of beachwood, the sideboard was designed in 1919 but created in 1959. It elevates the hidden mechanics that we don't always consider when faced with a beautiful piece of furniture hidden by wooden skin.

Pieces from Charles and Ray Eames can also be found in the MIA's collection. Like this pair of "LCW" chairs, c. 1950-1955, constructed of molded plywood and rubber.

And if you thought Frank Lloyd Wright was only an architect, you'd be wrong. He designed furniture too. This 'Easy Chair', c. 1903, is constructed of oak with a 'plant fiber cushion fill'. The original upholstery has been replaced, however.

All of these pieces made me wonder how many craftsmen and woman are out there--like MWT--making lovely pieces of furniture that will probably never find their way into a museum. Even though they're equally priceless. And if that doesn't make any sense, you aren't or don't live with a woodworker.

To see the MIA's on-line collections, visit their website. If you're ever in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you'll want to visit the MIA where admission is always free.

All images courtesy of the MIA.

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