Old bureau dresser turned into Buffet - Sideboard

*2 Photos have been added to the bottom of this post because I've updated the dresser turned sideboard AGAIN.

For years this old dresser has sat either in our guest room or the 'junk' room - too ugly to use when we had better options.  It was inherited from my husband's Uncle so we've been hesitant to get rid of it.  Turns out that with a little paint & new knobs it makes a nice buffet for the dining room.  The extra drawer space really comes in handy because our kitchen is teeny tiny.


Old bureau dresser turned into Buffet - Sideboard


 After (nickel knobs bougt off ebay, 40 for $20 shipped)


 The Second Update is Here


I decided that the black was too shiny for my tastes, so I sanded it down (whew!), mixed up my own custom paint for the top and drawer insets, and added Grandma's jewelry to some new knobs.  Oh, and I added legs and the top piece (leftover from an entry way door surround).


 This is what the top & drawer insets now look like -


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Anonymous on May 09, 2011:

I totally love the legs you added!  I have an ugly dresser and was thinking of doing the same thing.  Not sure if mine is too heavy to add legs though.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Nimue on Nov 29, 2007:

Thanks everyone!  I've updated my post with more pictures because I just couldn't stop messing with the piece.  Sleek shiny modern black, or a more formal anitque look - take your pick :)

Sijbrich on Feb 12, 2007:

Wow!  What a dramatic change.  I think it looks great.  I never would have imagined something so ugly could become something so sheek.

Bjorkfansoph on Jan 09, 2007:

Thanks for posting this!  I'm now on my way to re-paint this beautiful chest of drawer that someone threw away. 

Nimue on Jan 04, 2007:

Thanks Jessica.  We did sand the top very lightly, and any rough spots we found (it's wood but has that thin veneer stuff attached).  And we used spray can primer (can't remember how many cans - but spray was quicker than painting on primer), otherwise the paint would likely peel or chip off.  We used Behr Premium Plus paint from Home Depot - Interior/Exterior Hi-Gloss Enamel found on the shelf.  The quart can was more than enough. I used a roller where I could and sponge brushes everywhere else in order to avoid brush marks.  I hope to see pics of your newly painted furniture when you're done!

jessicaweiser on Jan 02, 2007:

wow! that is an awesome transformation! :) can i ask what kind of paint you used and did you need to sand it or prime it or anything? i am getting ready to paint a bunch of wood furniture black and i've never done this before. thanks!!

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