How-To: Make a Pimped Out snuggly

created on: 02/05/09

Wearing a blanket with arms is one thing, but making your very own custom snuggly with pimped out detailing takes this funky monk robe/kaftan/blanket to a new level. 


Here's what you need:

3 yards polar fleece (I used "green" fleece made from recycled plastic bottles)

3 yards of pimp trim (boa, feather, pom pom fringe, tassel fringe, ribbon, etc.)


sewing machine

straight pins

tape measure



8" x 6" oval pattern

created on: 02/05/09

Step by Step:

1. Lay out fabric and cut off bottom 24" of the 3 yards (this will be used for the sleeves)

2. Fold remaining fabric in half, lengthwise

3.  Measure and place oval pattern at your desired measurement. I used 10" down from the top and 10" over from the fold. If I make it again, I'll place the oval 12" down from the top edge.

created on: 02/05/09

4.  Trace around the oval with a Sharpie. Pin around outside of oval and cut out the oval from both layers.

created on: 02/05/09

5. Take the fabric that was cut from the bottom and cut two pieces measuring 24" x 28". Pin and stitch your pimp trim 4" from one of the cut edges that measures 28" long.

created on: 02/05/09

6. Fold fabric lengthwise and pin and stitch the 24" sides together, forming tube or sleeve. Turn right side out.

created on: 02/05/09

created on: 02/05/09

7. Pin and stitch the neckline trim across the top of the wrong side of the fleece so when it folds over, the trim will hang down.

8. With the wrong side of the fleece facing up, drop the sleeve down into the oval arm holes with the sleeve seam at the bottom of the arm hole. Pin and stitch in place.

created on: 02/05/09

created on: 02/05/09

created on: 02/05/09


created on: 02/05/09

9.  Try on your  Pimped Out snuggly and determine how long you want it. Remember, you may like it to cover your feet while lounging, but that would make it too long to walk around in.

Now you can drink coffee, read a book, use the remote or knit while warm and cozy in these last weeks of winter.

Warning: The snuggly is less than flattering.


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