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2 Ways to Make a Doormat Cooler

by on Jan 30, 2009

they’re the first thing most folks will see as they step into your
house, and in the winter they are the front line between horrid
mud-melty-snowy boots and the rest of your place. So why aren’t they
more awesome? Well they CAN be…. Martha has not one but TWO
techniques to give a bog-standard mat a little va-va-voom (sure they’re
relatively similar, but still…)

First a technique for adding a door number or lettering,

created on: 01/30/09

You’ll need:

  • a coir doormat
  • masking tape
  • card stock
  • utility knife
  • ruler
  • T pins
  • enamel spray paint
  • house numbers or letters. I love the fonts at Urban Fonts.

This is a reverse stencil technique, and basically what you do is pin
the numbers or letter to the mat, use masking tape to make a border
then giv’er with the spray paint. see the complete how to here. I
love the idea of a graffiti print “Welcome”, or a cheeky “Sod Off”. Or
maybe your own version of the ‘I am not a doormat’ mat above (£22, Pedlars)

The second technique is for two-colour pictorial stencils (Martha made a blue and red ‘patriotic’ mat).created on: 01/30/09

You’ll need,

  • a coir doormat
  • masking tape
  • card stock
  • utility knife
  • ruler
  • T pins
  • oil paints in the colour of your choice
  • paint thinner
  • paint brushes

And the images of your choice,  I think a faux
bois pattern would look completely brill, or even a simple tattoo-style
swallow motif.

Martha advises that “It’s better to do two light coats than one heavy one”. Head on over for the rest of the skinny.




  1. Shaun

    Have there been any issues with the paint wearing off? I am planning on making one of these but not sure if paint will stay put for more than just a few people stepping on it.