15 Alternative Uses for Credit Cards

15 Alternative Uses for Credit Cards

Has the economy prompted you to cancel a credit card or two even though you’re still getting those fake ones in the mail? Here’s 15 ways to make use of all of them that won’t cost you a thing. Actually, in some instances, they’ll even save you money.

  1. Open a spring latch lock. (Doesn’t work on a deadbolt, thankfully.)
  2. Ice scraper.
  3. Paint scraper.
  4. Aquarium glass scraper.
  5. Caulk edger, like one of these things.
  6. Shims for tight spaces.
  7. Guitar pick.
  8. Hard Cheese grater–use the embossing side and wash the card first!
  9. Paint guide for tight places.
  10. BookmarkFinger splint, using it to immobilize an adjacent finger or two–until you can get to a doctor, of course.
  11. Cake knife. (Seriously.)
  12. Weeder, to get in the cracks between paving stones and sidewalks.
  13. Straight edge. (Okay, a SMALL straight edge.)
  14. Pick-pocket diverter. Fill a cheap prop wallet with them–use the fake ones you get in the mail–and slip it into your back pocket.
  15. And finally my favorite..cut them up to use as mosaic tiles.

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