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trampled Kerner on Sep 08, 2009:

I know nothing about their origin. I sold them to a girl outside of Washington, DC and was so sad to see them go. I know I'll always wish I hung on to them. Sometimes Apartment Therapy shows available furniture around the country and I've seen some just like those. Keep your eyes open.

Kara on Sep 08, 2009:

Sorry if this is a repeat comment, I'm not sure if it worked last time!

I found that same chair at a thrift store andwas planning to fix it up. Yours look awesome and are super inspiring. Do you have any information about the designer, manufacturer or distributor of these chairs? I am hoping I can find at least three more, Any info would be great. Thanks!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jan 05, 2009:

kathc-thanks, I'm trying to get more of that fabric for other projects.

kathc on Jan 05, 2009:

They turned out beautifully! I'm soooo glad you didn't paint them! Love the fabric you chose for the seats.  It totally works!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jan 02, 2009:

Can't post them--IndyStar. I just picked different photos to show Before and After since a Curbly reader had some similar chairs.

dewonangus on Jan 01, 2009:

WOW ... they look amazing and I love that fabric.  Well done!

bruno on Jan 01, 2009:

Stunning. Are how-to pics forthcoming?

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