Holiday Finale: Snow-Stuffed Christmas Ball

created on: 12/23/08

Okay...just ONE MORE Christmas-y thing before the big day! I was so inspired by madamsewingstick's knitter's Christmas ball, I decided I had to go for the crocheter's version. Of course, if you don't crochet, you could 'stuff' your ball with a small paper snowflake or even one made out of craft foam, but if choosing foam, I might opt to dust it with some fine crystal glitter to make it look not so foamy. Basically, I did what madam said she did, although I did have to stick something long and skinny inside the ball to unfurl the snowflake, which I sort of had to roll-up to get in there. Ultimately, I love the results. If you'd like to replicate my version exactly, you'll need my pattern for the snowflake itself.

And now, ladies and gentleman, that is all for Christmas 2008 crafty goodness from yours truly. Until next year, I wish you happiness, peace & love!

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