How to Turn a Gift Bow into a Gift Flower

created on: 12/22/08

If you save gift bows like I do, you probably have a sack of them, all of which are looking a little crunched up by now. Here’s a great–and EASY–way to remake them into bow mums.


What you need:

  • A scissors
  • Bows! Large or small, it doesn’t matter, but they must be made of paper ribbon like the cheap sack o’ bows you can buy just about everywhere these days.

What you do:

First, cut the loops down the center, longways. You don’t have to go down all the way here. Maybe ½ to 2/3. Also, you can tear the ribbon down further if you want to. 

created on: 12/22/08

Then, cut the loops down the center, shortways.

created on: 12/22/08

Using your scissors, curl the ribbon so the new petals go this way and that, creating a random effect. (If you haven't curled ribbon before, go here, for a primer, paying special attention to steps 3 through 7.) This also gets rid of those tell-tale bow points. To hide the center staple, just fold a couple of the curled strips over it. A bit of fluffing and that’s it....a bow mum. And no one will ever know that it had been looking a little crushed!

created on: 12/22/08

And remember, a red leftover Christmas bow would look lovely as a ribbon mum on that very special Valentine's Day gift!


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