DIY: Build a Top Notch Sewing Kit

created on: 12/20/08

Nothing satisfies a seamster more than fresh new supplies. Whether it be sharp new shears or a handy cutting mat, sewers (not soo-ers) love their supplies.  Opt for ala carte when putting together a sewing notions kit. That way you can choose higher quality items and eliminate the unncessary ones. The best thing about this is that you can spend a little or alot and get credit for everything. Here's a list....

that may help guide you when you enter a Joann Fabric superstore or order online:

  • Gingher Shears. The Cadillac of scissors. Embroidery scissors (above) or a special pair for the Southpaw Sewer. They turn fabric into "butt-ah"

created on: 12/20/08

Lefties (above)

created on: 12/20/08

Cheetah handled Right Handed Bent Shears (a dream come true)

  • Rotary Cutter. Takes the wear and tear off the hands and wrist. A must for the quilter. (Is this rotary cutter slick, or what?)

created on: 12/20/08

  • Ergonomic Seam Ripper. As much as we try not to, we screw up and have to tear out.

created on: 12/20/08

  • A plethora of thread colors. Gutermann covers the spectrum.

created on: 12/20/08

  •  Be a doll and hang a nifty thread rack right next to the sewing machine for easy access.

created on: 12/20/08

  • A swing light is an inexpensive item and absolutely necessary if the sewer is relegated to a little nook.

created on: 12/20/08

  • There are so many 'must have' sewing books available, this happens to be one of my favorites, but check out the selection of specialty sewing books too.

created on: 12/20/08

  • Just plain white and colored chalk for marking. It's inexpensive and brushes off easily.
  • Gift card for Joann or other fabric stores. Buying fabric is a personal thing.
  • Plenty of straight pins and a cute pincushion. I think there's an entire book about making cute pincushions.

created on: 12/20/08

  • Large cutting mat for table protection.
  • Tracing wheel and tracing paper
  • Plain newsprint for sketching ideas or pattern design
  • Straight needles for handsewing (variety pack)
  • Curved needles for home decorating projects


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ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 20, 2008:

That's the first time I saw one of those. I NEED that too!

dewonangus on Dec 20, 2008:

Just added the Ergonomic Seam Ripper to my Wish List!  Already had a new sewing light on the list and it was a highlighted item. 

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