Turn Soda Cans into Christmas Balls

Turn Soda Cans into Christmas Balls

It really doesn't get much more eco-friendly than turning empty soda cans into Christmas ornaments! According to Esprit Cabane, it only takes a few supplies too, and the soda cans are probably in your or your office's recycling bin.


  • Soda Cans
  • a thick-bladed knife
  • a scissors
  • a small hole punch
  • weights (I'm guess a smooth rock or two would do fine)
  • a ruler
  • brads (aka two prong fasteners)
  • string

Although the primary pic shows the aluminum assembled label side in, label side out could look cool too. Especially red and white coke cans. For the entire tutorial, follow this jump.

P.S. How about that crazy tin-foil-wrapped tree? Love it!


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