Curbly Video Podcast: How to make woven fabric hearts.

Danish woven hearts are part of every kid's childhood. (Or they should be.) If you were like me, your hearts ripped as you wove them or as you filled them. Either way, they lead to heart ache.  Making them out of fabric, however, will save you countless tears. They'll last for many Christmases and Valentine's days to come and they'll never break your heart. (Over use of puns intended.)

What you need to make 'em:

  • fabric, calico works perfectly
  • fabric stiffener or white glue, like Elmers
  • tin foil or waxed paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • buttons, each heart requires two
  • needle and thread


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Mihaela on Feb 29, 2012:

Thanks for good idea!

I adapted the design to make it less accessible preschool children.


DkS on Jan 25, 2012:

Iron On interfacing worked much better for me.  I tried the glue and didn't mind the mess, but when it dried, it didn't try very smoothely.  The iron on interfacing gave a much classier look.  A touch of spray starch and a hit with the iron made them nice and crisp.   Very cute. 

Anonymous on Jan 02, 2011:

I like the idea I wish there was written instructions as well!!!

DIY Maven on Feb 06, 2010:

Sorry Roxanna, no written instructions, but they're so easy you won't need them! ;)

Roxanna Smith on Feb 06, 2010:

Awesome project - I will have to give this a try.  Do you have a set of written instructions for this?  I have trouble remembering things & am afraid I will miss an important step.  It's ever so much easier for me to make projects from the written word with pictures after having watched the video.

Thanks & keep up the good work!!!

DIY Maven on Dec 03, 2009:

Both adding body and serving as a 'fray check'. Fusible interfacing would work too.

CraftyKat on Dec 02, 2009:

What is the purpose of the glue or stiffener?  Are you trying to seal the fabric edges, or just add body?  I was pondering if there is a less messy way to make these, like using iron-on interfacing on the wrong side or substituting a different fabric like craft felt (and then using a decorative button).  Any advice?


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