How to have yourself a tacky little Christmas.

Christmas gives everyone the license to be tacky, even if they aren’t the other 364 days of the year. So, if you’d like to wallow in the inelegant side of the holiday, here’s some perfect how-to’s that’ll have your friends wonder what the heck has happened to your taste level. (By the way, the authors of these how-to’s have labeled them ‘tacky’ themselves, so no aspersions are being cast here.)

The Dry Cleaner Bag Wreath. To make it, you’ll need a scissors, wire cutters, wire or a wire coat hanger and a bunch of dry cleaner bags, if you’re a purist, or any other types of plastic bags if you’re not . Go here for the tutorial.

How to have yourself a tacky little Christmas.

The Santa Toilet Seat. Supplies you’ll need to make one include a cheap, white toilet seat, a rough scrubbing pad, assorted paints and paint brushes, clear spray paint (optional), and the downloadable Santa pattern. Go to tackyliving.com for the tutorial.

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