Clip Up Photo Calendar


created on: 12/03/08

I've just returned from my photography class where my new creative friend, Nikki, showed me the  calendar she just made by using her very artsy photos she's been taking. It's simple, sophisticated and very much an expression of herself.  The look and feel of it won me over.  


created on: 12/03/08

If you're halfway proud of the photos you've taken this year, ShutterSisters has put together a free downloadable template for you to turn your own collection of artistic photos into the most charming little clippable calendar.  These can be printed on your home color printer on textured card stock.  You'll just have to cut them to size.  Nikki is giving them to all of her friends along with artsy little clips to hang.  I'm not usually smitten with little things and little clips but after seeing and holding these, I may relent.

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