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Vitamin F: How to Enhance Your Life With Flowers.

by on Nov 24, 2008

Author and interior and floral designer Jayme Barrett has teamed with the Society of American Florists to explore flowers’ ability to heal our emotional energy. So important can flowers be to our spiritual well being, Jayme has dubbed them ‘Vitamin F’. The notion is simple enough when you think about it: Like food and drink, flowers give us energy–per major university studies–so securing them a conceptual spot on the food pyramid seems reasonable.

Jayme’s flower power might be described as an amalgamation of feng shui and color therapy. Her years of incorporating flowers into her interior designs exposed Jayme to the benefits of certain colors and their influence on our emotions, but not until a consultation with a feng shui expert in 1995 did she fully embrace the power of feng shui. After studying with feng shui Master Choa Cok Sui, Jayme began to apply the ancient art to floral design itself.

Much like feng shui and its notion of placement to enhance energy, Jayme uses flowers of a particular shape and color and arranged in specific configurations to bolster our emotional energy. Jayme has developed seven mood-elevating forms, which, when incorporated into our living spaces, may help fulfill our need for serenity, inspiration, well-being, gratitude, love and optimism. Reproducing Jayme’s arrangements is quite easy, thanks to her Vitamin F recipes, which are listed below. And don’t worry about finding the exact flowers Jayme recommends. Suitable, inexpensive grocery store or farmer’s market replacements are fine, just as long as they are of similar color and shape. So, to enhance your life, you might want to add a little Vitamin F to your diet!

The Gratitude Arrangement: Reminds us to be grateful of our blessings. (Large image above.)

  • Colors: Shades of pink.
  • Arrangement shape: Low and clustered.
  • Vase style: Transparent glass.
  • Location: Night stand, dresser or in the kitchen
  • Flowers: Ranuculus, alstroemeria, tulips, spray roses

created on: 11/24/08

The Wellness Arrangement: Promotes a balance of mind, body and spirit.

  • Colors: Yellow, complemented with green and white.
  • Vase style: Oval or round terra-cotta, wood or bamboo.
  • Location: Living or family room.
  • Flower: Gerbera, carnations, solidago, hydrangea (white or green), callas, pompons or chrysanthemums.

Inspiration and Motivation Arrangement: Brings rejuvenating energy to the soul. (Pictured below.)

  • Colors: Red, accented with rich orange and fuchsia.
  • Arrangement style: up-shooting (image the shape of exploding fireworks).
  • Vase style: Tall, mirrored or shiny metal.
  • Location: Home office or studio.
  • Flowers: Roses, callas, Asiatic lilies, snapdragons, hypericum.

created on: 11/24/08

Love and Romance Arrangement: Sparks connections and love.

  • Color: Burgundy and red, with a dollop of lush pinks and peaches.
  • Arrangement style: Tightly bunched.
  • Vase style: Circular.
  • Location: In the kitchen, dining room and, of course, the bedroom.
  • Flowers: Stock, roses, alstroemeria.

New Beginnings: Welcomes change.

  • Color: Orange complemented with white and green.
  • Vase style: Square, ceramic.
  • Location: On a mantle or coffee table
  • Flowers: Gerbera, carnations, Asiatic lilies, spray roses, alstroemeria.

Serenity: Brings calm and relieves tension.

  • Colors: Blue, violet, lavender.
  • Vase style: Cobalt blue.
  • Location: Entryway.
  • Flowers: Hydrangea, delphinium, lisianthus, stock.

Prosperity: Spurs success and richness.

  • Color: red or deep purple, accented with shades of gold
  • Vase style: Metallic, preferably gold.
  • Location: Entryway.
  • Flowers: Lilies, roses, lisianthus, snapdragons

Watch as Jayme creates the first three recipes in this video:


For more information about Jayme’s Vitamin F recipes, go to For more information about the flowers listed above go this great flower encyclopedia; and to read more about Jayme herself, check out her website.

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