Dexter's Blood Splattered Dining Room

Dexter's Blood Splattered Dining Room

Eleven designers were inspired by six different original Showtime series to transform a townhouse in Gramercy Park into Showtime’s Design House. Lucky Amy Lau drew the Dexter card and came up with this blood splattered dining room. If you know anything about Dexter, the television show or the book series, the blood makes perfect sense.

Dexter is an expert at blood splatter analysis who just happens to be a serial killer. But he’s a good serial killer because he only kills really bad people. Like other serial killers. But I digress.

Dexter’s white dining room is punctuated by fake blood-splattered walls, bloody art, vertebrae-shaped candlesticks with blood red candles, blood-filled stemmed glasses, plates with bloody fingerprints and various other macabre elements, including some bloody embroidery. If any of Ms. Lau design choices appeal to you, they’re now for sale. Via.

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