Faux Fire

When the weather turns rubbish nothing beats snuggling up in front of a fire, possibly with trashy fiction and preferably with some kind of chocolaty beverage. It's just what winter should be all about. Unfortunately our apartment doesn't have a fireplace so I was forced to improvise...

created on: 11/20/08

While technically it wont keep me warm, (except in a cockles-of-my-heart way) it was super easy to make and it makes me smile, and my baby scream with bizarre-o baby glee.

To make your own you'll need

  • A sheet of foam core board (maybe left over from making your bow-tying board)
  • A set (or two) of LED Christmas lights
  • A very sharp pencil or pen or other pokey object

You can either mark out where you want your lights to go or wing it.

To make the holes you poke through the foam board with a pencil from the front. You don't want the hole to be huge, you'll be making them bigger when you poke the lights through from the back.

Then you poke the lights through from the back! They should fit nice and snugly, expanding the smaller pencils holes.

And voila, done. Now all you need is some improbable spy fiction and a vat of white hot chocolate (and a few hours peace and quiet... sigh).

Here's what it looks like unlit:

created on: 11/20/08

And lit again, but blurry.

created on: 11/20/08

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