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How to Make Boy Shorts

by on Nov 18, 2008

Haven’t done laundry in a while? Need some more underwear? Well,
take a lesson from Rob and Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty and turn your old
t-shirts into a pair of boy shorts! And put off doing laundry for
another day… Watch the full Episode here!


 First thing to do is to draw out a design

A drawing of men's underpants with a to dad caption in pencil.

out a t-shirt, you can use the same sleeves but Maxwell uses sleeves
from another t-shirt to spruce up the color. You’ll also need to have a
strip of elastic for the band- the sleeves will be the boy shorts legs

Woman holding green cloth and pink tulle in her hands.

Cut open the t-shirt so you can center up the pattern

A pile of brown shirts and a pair of orange scissors.

at the waist Since cotton has a way of stretching out take off about
three to four inches. Fold the length of the measuring tape in half

Black T-shirt laying on a green tablecloth.

Use tailors chalk to sketch out the pattern on the open t-shirt

Person cutting along the lines drawn on the fabric.A hand over a diy or die design.

The front has a little bit of the arc while the back just has a straight line so draw accordingly.

A series of cut out lines have been drawn on a piece of black fabric.

get the nicest symmetrical shape, fold the fabric in half and get out
some scissors or a rotary knife and just follow the white lines.

A black shirt is laid out on a board and is being tailored.Someone is working with dark fabric on a craft mat.A person sews black fabric together to make a pair of shorts.

Take out your shirt sleeves and cut down the seem or use a seem ripper and align with the shorts and pin.

A red piece of fabric and a black piece of fabric are being worked with on a sewing mat.Assorted torn fabric laying around, one of which says DIY or die.

Maxwell sews the sides first, then sews the leg pieces next and lastly the waist band.

A woman uses a table  top sewing machine.



Measure the waist band (your piece of elastic) and pin- elastic is forgiving so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

A man holds a length of black fabric.,



up the waist band-stretch it out and sew with a straight stitch. Sew
slowly to make sure there’s no bunching. Once your done sewing just cut
off any loose threads and you’ve got a some new undies!

 A man is sitting a a table with a piece of black cloth stretched out.A woman holding up a black pair of boxers.

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