How to Make Boy Shorts

Haven't done laundry in a while? Need some more underwear? Well, take a lesson from Rob and Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty and turn your old t-shirts into a pair of boy shorts! And put off doing laundry for another day... Watch the full Episode here!

How to Make Boy Shorts


 First thing to do is to draw out a design

Take out a t-shirt, you can use the same sleeves but Maxwell uses sleeves from another t-shirt to spruce up the color. You'll also need to have a strip of elastic for the band- the sleeves will be the boy shorts legs

Cut open the t-shirt so you can center up the pattern

Measure at the waist Since cotton has a way of stretching out take off about three to four inches. Fold the length of the measuring tape in half

Use tailors chalk to sketch out the pattern on the open t-shirt

The front has a little bit of the arc while the back just has a straight line so draw accordingly.

To get the nicest symmetrical shape, fold the fabric in half and get out some scissors or a rotary knife and just follow the white lines.

Take out your shirt sleeves and cut down the seem or use a seem ripper and align with the shorts and pin.

Maxwell sews the sides first, then sews the leg pieces next and lastly the waist band.



Measure the waist band (your piece of elastic) and pin- elastic is forgiving so it doesn't have to be perfect.



Line up the waist band-stretch it out and sew with a straight stitch. Sew slowly to make sure there's no bunching. Once your done sewing just cut off any loose threads and you've got a some new undies!


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