Tie Bows Like A Professional

created on: 11/12/08

We're not talking shoelaces here, we're talking PRETTIES. For gifts... 'cause it's getting to be that time. Sure you could buy ready made bows, but wheres the fun in that? This way you get to use up any supplies of ribbon that you might have been compulsively hoarding (I can't help it I loveses the precious ribbons)... Anyway, the trick to making swanky looking ribbon bows is apparently to use a bow tying board, here's how to make one.


First you acquire yourself some foam core board, (try art supply or craft stores).

Next cut a slit in it, like this:

created on: 11/12/08

You want the slit to be wide enough to run a few layers of ribbon down and still be able to pull you finished bow out of.

to make your bows you jam the ribbon into the slot and layer it up, like this:

created on: 11/12/08

Now that you've got a swanky professional-style board you can head over to HERE, where they have techniques for tying a squillion different bows (OK, maybe not a squillion, but a few) including layered, puffy and graduated loopy bows! The container store also has a good selection of bow how to's including one for the Pompom bow shown above.

Info and  other pictures are from Here

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