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Sixteen Recycled Handmade Gift Ideas

by on Nov 10, 2008

 created on: 11/10/08

  If you’re condsidering handmade gifts this holiday season, you most likely have some creative genes already in place.  For that reason, this is a quick “off the top of my head” list of found objects you could artistically and lovingly incorporate into your own sweet handmade offerings.  Feel free to expand this as the ideas start flowing. Don’t be tempted to buy used and re-give in the same condition.  Your family and friends will treasure the time, thought and your one-of-a-kind creativity that you invest in each gift transform.

  • serving tray-add decoupaged handmade papers or float something in resin, add a little set of coffee mugs and some homemade shortbread
  • jewelry box-decoupaged and wrapped beautifully
  • plain glass bowls, pitchers, plates-decoupaged with printed words, Italian handmade paper
  • clean, crisp pillow case set-embroidered with initials or retro image, wrap up with an aromatic candle
  • new tee shirts (often available at Goodwill)-make your own stencil and hand paint or put together and give as a craft kit for them to create
  • bean bag chair-buy, tear apart and make big graphic floor pillow or make a little pouf
  • costume jewelry-embed in polymer clay, remove, bake, paint clay and glue jewelry back in place for knobs, around a picture frame or mirror. Attach to a dog collar if they have a beloved pooch
  • costume jewelry attached to lace doilies made into napkin rings (above photo)
  • collect quirky housewares, sew your own napkins and assemble a personalized picnic basket
  • buy books relating to one subject-tie in a giant bow and give to a hobbyist
  • teapot-decoupage a giant initial or word on the side, add some exotic teabags
  • placemats-laptop case
  • leather coat-laptop case or “green” market bag
  • skirts that have a great print-cut up and make cloth napkins, add some relatively good silverware for a friend just moving into their first apartment
  • old sewing machine, computer, toaster-papier mache for an art sculpture, add a book about famous sculptors
  • a number of odd shaped pictures with frames to give your own art-personal and useful

For fabulous decoupage ideas, check this out.

And the all time topper with any present-a nice little poem written by you for the recipient-They’ll LOVE it!!

created on: 11/10/08



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