Cardboard Furniture: Four Hour Stool

Since spotting a cardboard cradle (yup the kind you put babies in) I've been thinking a bit about what other furniture you can make out of cardboard.  I had a quick cherche around the internets and it turns out the answer is ANYTHING... You can make pretty much anything out of cardboard. I spotted this Piano stool over at Instructables and am mighty tempted to give it a go, as it looks pretty simple and apparently it can completed in under four hours.

created on: 11/09/08

According to it's (very clever) creator Scriptone, you'll need:

  • A whole mess o' cardboard
  • Watercolour tape
  • A craft knife, ruler and pencil,
  • Foam for the seat (optional)
  • Fabric remnants (optional)

Head on over to the instructable Here. The written instructions are a bit sparse but the photo's are great and make it really easy to see what you should be doing.

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