Curbly Recession Busters: 6 (Cheap) Bathroom Quick Fixes

In this economic climate a remodel might be out of the question (even if fresh tiles a la ModHomeEc aren't) but here are 6 cheap things you can do to give your bathroom a little oomph.

Clean - We're talking REALLY clean, scrub-the-weird-space-behind-the-loo-clean, wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling clean. Because shiny is better. Diy Maven has great tips for cleaning on the cheap.


Fix - Don't let chips in your sink or bath stare at you in a taunting way every time you brush your teeth. Fix the little rotters! A spot of TileGaurd Porcelain Chip fix,($5.99) should sort them out. While you're at it have a go at unstable toilet seats, leaky taps and limescaled shower heads. I guarantee you'll feel better about the world if you do.

De-funk - Grotty grout is horrible. Give it a lick of bleach and a stern talking-to, then try some water/stain proofing with a tile and grout repair kit like this one, or just a whitening pen like this one.

Accessorize -  A new shower curtain, new bathmat (maybe a pebble one?) and a few new hand towels, and you've got a whole new look. If you can, score two sets of accessories in different colour's, switching them around every few months will stop towels wearing out so quickly and give you that 'oooooh doesn't it look different?' feeling (I love that)!  

Light- How's your lighting? Even if your only light source is a flouro tube, have a look at the colour of it. Can you do your make-up in there? Or does it give you the deathly pallor of the recently zombified?Try a warmer white or a 'daylight' bulb. Home Depot has an ok range.

Plant - If all else fails tossing a few of the right kind of flora (as opposed to mould, the wrong kind) into your bathroom works wonders. We have a dracaena that is tough enough to join the marine corps, it withstands bad light, erratic watering and bad language and appears to be thriving.

created on: 11/07/08

 Image of shiny, covetable (with fancy speaker system) bathroom from This Old House


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