How To: Pillow Form Workshop

created on: 11/06/08

Making the perfect pillow form is like buying the right bra; it determines if your handmade, custom pillow looks professional and smooth or wrinkly and tacky.  The right measurements and the even distribution of filling are the hallmarks of fabulous throw pillows.  Pillow forms can be cut out of almost any fabric.  Keep the fabric plain and preferably a light color.  Inexpensive muslin always works well.

Your pillow form should be made in the same style as the pillow cover.  If you are making plain knife edge pillows, use a knife edge pillow form. 

 Pillow fillings can be polyester fiberfill, down or a combination of both. 

Sources for pillow fillings:  bed pillows on sale at Wal-mart

                                      filling on sale at Joann Fabrics

                                      out of style throw pillows you already have, tear them open and use the innards

what you need:

  • fabric for the form
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • ruler
  • chalk
  • polyester filling or down filling

To make sure you get a smooth, wrinkle free finished pillow, you need to have a finished, stuffed pillow form 1" larger than your finished pillow cover.

For Example: For a finished 20" square pillow, cut the pillow form fabric 22" square.  After it's sewn, it's finished measurement will be 21" which ends up a perfect 1" larger than your pillow cover.

what you do:

1.  Measure and mark the pillow form dimensions on your folded fabric

created on: 11/06/08

2.  Pin around the edges, leaving a 6" opening in the center of one side.

created on: 11/06/08

3.  Stitch around the edges, leaving the opening unstitched.

created on: 11/06/08

4.  Separating the fibers of the polyester filling, fill the pillow form.

created on: 11/06/08

5.  While filling push the stuffing into the corners of the form.

created on: 11/06/08

6.  Pin opening and stitch closed.

created on: 11/06/08

7. With a long needle, poke through the form covering and manipulate the filling inside the form to distribute the filling evenly. 


created on: 11/06/08

No more flat or bullet pillows-this will be just right!

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ModHomeEcTeacher on Jun 16, 2009:

That's what I would do if my local Goodwills sold pillow forms. They sell bed pillow forms for $4.99 but not throw pillow forms. I have, however, been buying some down filled pillows that are in good shape to use the innards. They are expensive otherwise. Keep up the good work!

Denise on Jun 16, 2009:

I have quit altogether buying or making pillow forms.  Salvation Army regularly sells throw pillows for $2 each and the ones that were made with something smooth like polished cotton are great pillow forms AS IS.  No sewing, no stuffing.  Just make your pillow covers and poke 'em in there.

Denise from Ark

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