DIY: Plumbing Pipe Furntiture.

by on Nov 6, 2008

A wooded table that has a statue on it, which is a bunch of lines mashed together.

The only thing cooler than a DIY project is a DIY project that exploits materials intended for an entirely different use.

Rory on Apartment Therapy Boston takes such an approach with pipes and fittings from the plumbing department. Going way beyond simply using straight lengths and end flanges for legs, this desk incorporates a fine design inspired by the limitations of the medium.

To create your own version, simply check out the pipe fitting section of your local hardware store or home center, and discover what’s available. Then, create a design (at home on paper, or right there in the plumbing aisle) and identify the other materials you’ll need to make it perfect. Purchase, assemble, and rejoice in your good work.