Growing a Pumpkin Tree

Growing a Pumpkin Tree

This is one of those 'who knew?' deals. A bush-sized tree that grows mini pumpkins. According to Gardeners' Choice, the plant, capsicum annum, grows to the size of a pepper plant yielding 'beautiful orange-red fruits' that ripen all at the same time.' You can expect your pumpkin tree to be ready to harvest in two months, producing up to 50 pumpkins that are '4 inches wide with pronounced ribs.' How cute would this be in a pot on the patio or deck next year? One pumpkin tree will set you back about 7 bucks at Gardeners' Choice.

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FourDee on Dec 02, 2008:

Are these edible?  Maybe no pie, but could they be used in another way?

Also, does anyone know what kind of sun these should be in?

Keter on Nov 03, 2008:

The name capsicum puts this plant into the pepper family.  No pies to be had from this tree!

dewonangus on Oct 28, 2008:

Too bad for me ... I think that this would be an annual and would not make it very far into the fall in our Zone 5/6!  I may give it a try next year though.

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