Frame Wallpaper

I spotted this rather smashing Frame Wallpaper over a Graham & Brown, 

created on: 10/17/08

It's by artists Taylor & Wood and appears in their Young British Talent section (*waves flag and hums God Save the Queen*) and it's $40/double roll. The blurb says that 'it's a completely interactive wallpaper - you decide what you want it to be - whether you want to put up your youngsters art, paint directly in to a frame, or put up family photos - it's up to you!'  How cool is that?

created on: 10/17/08

I'm not sure if I could take an entire room's worth of it, but I think it would look great on just one wall or even maybe even on just a part of the wall framed with a bit of painted wood moulding, so you'd have frames inside frames inside frames... well you get the idea.

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