The $10 Sharpie Room Makeover

The $10 Sharpie Room Makeover

Twenty years ago, Charlie Kratzer decided he wanted alot of impressionist-style art in his home...so, he figured he was gonna have to make it himself. Ten dollars later (which is what, eight sharpies?)...he's ended up with this:   



Photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy, via Kentucky.com. Feel like making your own Sharpie masterpiece? Check out Sharpie.com for ideas and to buy your markers.

Interested in seeing more Sharpie wall art? Check out this awesome tutorial...

created at: 03/28/2013

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Stacy on Feb 17, 2012:

I'm getting some gold and sliver sharpies and having a good time on my boring walls tonight with a projector!!!

Teresina on Feb 01, 2012:

I really like this idea but I was picturing a lot more color. I am considering doing this, even in my apartment because its easy to paint over!! If I do, I will send pictures!!

switchfootfan_14 on Jun 18, 2011:

if you mess up and use rubbing alcohol to clean up the sharpies, will it hurt the paint on the wall?

josh on Dec 04, 2009:

Tim, it's intentional.  Read the (fine) article for more information:

" A flip-top garbage can is transformed via marker art into Star Wars' plucky little beeper R2D2. "


He also included some of his other favorite characters (cartoon or otherwise) that happen to not be pictured.


Harmer Deisgns on Sep 01, 2009:

coool would love to see a bit more colour though :) but overall very unique idea :)

RSdaCat on Aug 14, 2009:

I'm with Destiny. that is super cool cool cool!

tim on May 30, 2009:

I'm wondering why noone is commenting on the R2D2 trashcan in the background of pic #2... It may not fit into the sharpie-chic motif he's got going on there, but cool nonetheless.

DestinybyDefinition on Mar 28, 2009:

okay that's seriously THE coolest thing I've ever seen. a friend of mine has a toothbrush holder full of permanent markers in different colors and anytime a guest uses the washroom, they get to leave a note for her on her bathroom wall. I haven't convinced my boyfriend to let me own permanent markers since i told him how much i loved the idea.

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