Toile Graffiti

The toile of 18th century France has been pulled by its ear into the 21st century by Historically Inaccurate Decorative Arts. The design firm uses ‘traditional stitching techniques in modern ways, thematically hearkening back to historical styles such as maritime crochet or cross-stitch samplers but substituting contemporary iconography in place of the original design element.’ Case in point: Farmers being visited by a UFO....

Toile Graffiti

or a courting couple sprouting fairy wings.

created on: 10/03/08

As you can imagine, their hand embroidered items are not inexpensive.  (A down-filled 16" x 20" pillow sells for $184). However, with some embroidery thread, a hoop and some toile, I could see a viable recreation for a fraction of the cost. Via.

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