Vintage Sears Mail-Order Homes

created on: 09/29/08

Ordering a home out of a catalog might seem odd, but back in the day, it was a very popular practice. After perusing Sears’s on-line archives of homes offered by mail-order from 1908 to 1940, complete with floor plans, I think Sears should resurrect the catalog home. Of course, their advertized prices would be a bit higher. For instance, Model No. 187 (circa 1913) pictured above sold for $1,273, which included, according to the original catalog description, all the material to build it. To see all the homes offered through Sears, go to Sears’ Archives for an enjoyable and inspirational travel through time.

The San Jose (1928)  $2,138

created on: 09/29/08

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