Make a pressed leaf tray or wall art.

Make a pressed leaf tray or wall art.

When you think of fall, the first thing that probably comes to mind is leaves succumbing to the season. Luscious reds, golds, browns and even aubergines. A great way to bring these gems indoors is to make a pressed leaf tray, which, sans handles, could also be reinterpreted into wall art. The materials you’ll need to make one include:

  • Serving tray or picture frame in desired size
  • One set of handles, if using a picture frame to make a tray
  • Two pieces of glass or clear plastic cut to fit the tray or frame
  • Acrylic paint and antiquing medium (optional)
  • Assorted dried, pressed leaves
  • Screws, 1 to 1-1/2 inch molding, enough to encircle back of tray or frame, miter saw*

For the complete assembly instructions, go to BHG.

*I’m thinking you could skip the molding and miter saw and epoxy the back piece of glass or acrylic to the back of the frame, kind of like I did in the Zen Garden tutorial.


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