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6 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Door Make Overs

by on Sep 17, 2008

We’ve seen kitchen door updates from BHG before, but none quite like these modern entries.

Here, strips of wood are woven under and over metal rods and applied to the door’s front.created on: 09/17/08

A simple picture frame complete with a favorite photo is adhered onto the door front, creating a very personal update.

created on: 09/17/08

Strips of molding added to this door’s front creates an interesting visual effect.

created on: 09/17/08

In this example, prairie grass stalks are sandwiched between a sheet of acrylic glass.

created on: 09/17/08

Three different paint colors and some molding turn this door front into a life-sized paint strip.

created on: 09/17/08

Here, they enlarged a recipe and decoupaged it to the door front and added a sleek new handle. Simply delightful!

created on: 09/17/08

To see the individual tutorials to these ideas, plus many more, visit BHG.

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