Nailhead Upholstery Jewelry

created on: 09/13/08

An article in our local newspaper announced that nailhead trim is a fall classic.  It identified various pieces of furniture by Crate and Barrel, Willams Sonoma and West Elm that will shine metallic come fall.  Wing chairs, velvet chairs and headboards are the obvoius pieces. 

You may be excited to learn that nailhead choices have expanded and include choices in colors, shapes textures, and sizes.


created on: 09/13/08

This is just one of about four boards of nailheads to choose from. In order to get your hands on these, you may need to know a designer or just scour online resources.

A ModUpholstery tip: not only are these little buggers hard to line up, they are much harder to hammer in straight,. If you're thinking about bedazzling a chair or ottoman, plan on using about 1/3 more nails than it will take.  A slight miss-hit will bend the nail and make unusable. You can make it easier by making a cardboard guage to line up and hammer in about ten in an section.

A tutorial will be forthcoming.

My favorite is the nickel nailhead on dark gray fabric--YUMMY!



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