The Metro Cabin

I live in a state where every other person owns a cabin somewhere. Usually ‘Up North’, which refers to Minnesota’s lake country. Some are little one-room shacks; some look like homes you’d seen in any suburb across America. Some have running water, some don’t. None that I’ve seen, however, look like the Metro Cabin. What a pity.

The Metro Cabin

This transportable, pre-fab structure can be assembled by 2 people in about 3 days. Yes, it’s a cabin of the one-room variety, but what a room! The 16' by 20' model has a 9'-9" ceiling, giving it a spacious feel. Besides using it as a cabin, it would make a fabulous studio, cabana or guest cottage. You can now purchase Metro Cabins with optional kitchens and bathrooms too. As for the kitchens, the company works exclusively with IKEA to plan simple yet stylish work areas that suit the cabin perfectly. The cabin’s base price starts at $32,500, for the 12' x 16' model, with kitchen options starting at $3,650. The optional bathroom will set you back $3,500. Oh, and you can buy them fully furnished too, sans the 'Up North' log furniture. For more information, go to metroshed.com.

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