Turn vintage suitcases into side tables.

Turn vintage suitcases into side tables.

You know how sometimes you see an idea on the internets and think, ‘of course!’? Well...this is one of those times. Not only do these old suitcases make adorable and interesting side tables, they also provide storage for magazines, books, remotes and all that other flotsam and jetsam that  clutter our lives. They couldn’t be too hard to make either. Four legs and perhaps a plywood base–for added structure–onto which you attach the suitcase itself. Fabulous! Via.

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Donna on Mar 19, 2013:

So clever. Storage too. I will have to pass this on to family who do not have or use computers.

Taylor on Sep 16, 2010:

I love this! I posted some more ways to do this here ...



SandraE on Aug 26, 2008:

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! I think im gonna try this one out! :)

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