How To: Quick, Easy, and Temporary Garden Lights.

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Solar garden light kits are cool, but can be pricey, permanent, and are just begging to be run over with the lawnmower. So, here's a sweet DIY alternative: "make your own ultra-low cost temporary garden lights using LEDs, lithium coin cells, and mason jars."


  • Lithium coin cell batteries
  • Ultrabright LEDs with diffused lens
  • Mason jars and lids
  • Tape

Simply attached the LEDs to the batteries, and tape into place. Tape the whole thing to the lid, screw it on, and install. "Like traditional luminarias, these jar lights are temporary. However unlike luminarias, LED jar lights are waterproof, won't blow out or catch on fire, and will stay safely lit-- unattended-- for several days up to a week."

For full instructions, check out the project at Evil Mad Scientist.

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