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Who doesn't love a rope swing? Nobody!

Here's the best one I've seen (and swung on) for a while.

created on: 08/21/08

To make your own you'll need:

  • A tree.
  • A sturdy branch for a seat.
  • A sheet ripped in two lenghtways, it doesn't have to have kitschy seventies print.
  • To be able to tie a double half hitch.
  • Good aim.

created on: 08/21/08

  1. Tie the spliced sheet together to make your 'rope'
  2. Double half hitch the rope to one end of the seat
  3. Toss the seat over your chosen tree branch (using your good aim, and keeping hold of one end of the rope) repeat as necessary
  4. Double half hitch the rope to the other side of the seat keeping it horizontal.
  5. Swing away.

You could of course use real rope but the sheets lend the swing an improvised charm.

If you're the person who built this swing on Ward's Island you should seriously consider running for president of the universe. You'd have my vote.

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