15 Alternative Uses for Lemons

15 Alternative Uses for Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make....acne remover????? Apparently so. But if acne isn't a problem for you, maybe one of the other 14 alternative uses for lemons might be useful.

1. Fingernail Cleaner

2. Acne Remover

3. Guitar Cleaner

4. Sore Throat Treatment

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5. Food Preservative

6. Antibacterial Soap

7. Natural Insecticide

8. Stain Remover

9. Cheese Grater Cleaner

10. Metal Shining Solution

11. Aide for Metabolism

12. Short-term Deodorant

13. Aromatherapy

14. Table Decoration

15. China and Kitchenware Disinfectant

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