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Lace Chair… The Beta Version

by on Aug 12, 2008

I wanted to share a project that didn’t work out as well as I hoped,
but that I still think has potential. 

So. I saw one of these chairs in a furniture store window and instantly fell in
love. In real life they are even prettier, they’re translucent,
so it looks like the lace is just hanging there in the air. Beautiful.

So beautiful, in fact that I was prompted to drag myself and
the kid’s buggy up a great big flight of stairs and into the shop.

created on: 08/12/08 

‘Shummanna numma nu… much are the chairs?’ I asked and winced in anticipation.

‘$375’ the chap said.

I said, ‘that isn’t really that much… not really… of course we’d
need a pair, but still… it’s not that much for a very beautiful,
precious thing…’ I mumbled to myself, sounding more and more like

‘Course, I don’t have $750 to spend on two chairs so I
signed heavily and hefted the buggy down the stairs again. But the idea
of lace chairs was stuck in my head.

Here’s what all that leads to:

created on: 08/12/08

Turned out a bit rubbish really, mostly because I can’t leave well enough alone.

Here’s what I did and how I went wrong.

I used:

  • A  ‘Jeff’ chair from Ikea.
  • A can of Krylon Fusion for Plastic in Black.
  • Masking tape.
  • Cheap Lace Runner and Tablecloth.

Firstly I taped up the parts of the chair I didn’t want to paint:

created on: 08/12/08

first big mistake was not having a big enough piece of lace. I decided
to improvise and have a lacy strip down the middle of the chair back,
like this:


created on: 08/12/08


don’t have a picture of how the chair looked with just the middle bit
done. It wasn’t terrible, but I decided it would look better with the
whole thing lacy… because I am a doofus.  With a bit of
jiggery-tape-ery I added more lace and more paint.

So, that’s why
the top part looks terrible. The seat is a whole ‘nother set of
mistakes. Firstly of all I used a different pattern of lace (what was I
thinking!), and the holes in the lace were just too big. I also
really should have attached it more firmly, either with better tape or
with re-positionable spray adhesive, ’cause I got these weird runckly

So that’s what went wrong. On the plus side I now know
that the Krylon Paint works a treat and at least the chair is still
sit-on-able. I do think that the theory is good. I just fumbled the execution.

I think I am going to just spray the whole thing
black and start again using white paint on the black background. I’ll
keep you posted if it works out.

The top photo from here

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