Make a Little Birdhouse (Lamp) in Your Soul....

Ahhhh *nostalgic sigh*, They Might Be Giants.

Avians seem to be a theme with me this week. Inke Heiland, the dutch designer whose wallpaper birds I just posted about, is also the creator of this bird house lamp.

created on: 08/05/08

It's very cute and would look good in a small persons room or a hallway but $325 is a lot of money for 'quirky'. I figure it has to be DIY-able with say, a MYO Birdhouse Kit ($12.95) and the Hemma cord set ($3.99)  from Ikea.  Or you could go crazy and outfit a whole bird condo ($24.99, also from thebirdhousedepot.com)

created on: 08/05/08

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