Fabric-Free Quilting–Or Making Patterned Fabric with Paint

In my ongoing effort to create patterns in fabric that combine the unlikely partnering of caramel and white, my attention turned to quilting. But not in the traditional sense. I saw this idea on All People Quilt and thought, of course! My inspiration was a decor fabric that I found at the store that had combined celery green, yellow ochre (which looks like a dark caramel) and robin’s egg blue in its pattern. Robin’s egg blue? Yup. But, sadly, no white. I made a trip to the craft store with my fabric swatch and found the appropriate colors, including, of course, white!

created on: 08/01/08

To make my fabric-less quilt, I bought a 24" x 36" canvas, marked a grid and then painted it square by square. Yes, it’s a little time consuming because of all the taping and drying times, but it was well worth it. It brings my desired color pallette together and gives a pop of color. This is also a great idea for renters who might not be able to paint. Also, if cost is a factor, you could skip the canvas and opt for MDF.



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