Creating Patterned Fabric with Buttons

created on: 07/31/08

I’ve been in the process of redecorating our bedroom for the past 4 months or so. Why is it taking so long? I sort of boxed myself in a corner with color. The new carpeting we had installed is a sesame. The walls we painted in a light caramel. We decided to add an Ektorp Tullsta chair with the white slipcover to the room, which provoked me to buy a white quilt for the bed. Caramel and white are not colors you find together at the fabric store. Caramel with burgundy, caramel with olive...no caramel with white. I was in a pickle. So, I decided I’d have to make my own patterned fabric, as it were. Keeping with the neutral color palette, I made some medium caramel-colored pillows, went to the craft store and bought a tin of white buttons–to set off the white bed-covering and chair--and got to work.

created on: 07/31/08

I opted to use an appropriate fabric glue to attach the buttons to the pillows. If you’ve ever tried to sew buttons on fabric in a particular pattern, you know they get a little ‘off’ as you sew them--and that's even if you mark the spots where you want them to go! Using glue just seemed easier as it allowed me to be very accurate in placing them. Later, when I have time, I’ll sew them on to the pillows too, just as a precaution. 


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