Worry Less On Vacation

Worry Less On Vacation

The goober and I are heading to Ireland tomorrow for a week and a bit. My sweetie is sitting this one out which means I don't have to worry about the flat being empty.When leaving someone at home just isn't an option, there are plenty of things you can do to worry-proof your home they include:

  • giving your neighbours a heads up, and a contact number
  • using timers to turn on lights, radio's etc
  • turning the phone ringer off
  • cancelling your deliveries

Mostly common sense stuff, but it doesn't hurt to have a reminder especially if you're a-leave-EVERYTHING-to-the-last-possible-second type.

The undoubtedly lovely chaps at Phoenix Police Department have the full list here.

'Course, if the shlumpy Dollar and monster gas prices mean that your vacay involves your back yard, you could always get one if these:

created on: 07/22/08

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