How To: Pipe Part Candlesticks.

How To: Pipe Part Candlesticks.
So, there's this show on the DIY Network, "Creative Juice" and the hosts are probably totally cool in real life, but they try waaaaay too hard on camera. But yesterday, it came while performing the most unpleasant of household tasks -folding laundry- because my wife dumped the basket of clothes on top of the remote. (I'm sure there's a button on the box, but I have no idea where it is) So, I was preparing myself for double-irritation city...and I still think these personalities are totally outta control, but these plumbing pipe candlesticks seem cool enough.


  • 3/4" lead pipe, 6" long
  • 3/4" lead flange
  • 3/4" lead coupling
  • Sophisticated Finishes Patina Antiquing Set (includes copper metallic surfacer and patina green antiquing solution)
  • foam brush
  • acrylic primer

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