How To Save Water in Your Garden and Yard.

by on Jul 15, 2008

Summer water needs lead to shortages in some places, and increased water bills everywhere. Beyond bigger investments like rain barrels (which really aren’t that expensive or inconvenient) and gray water systems, here’s few tips from CasaSugar to better use water in your lawn and garden.A hose is winding over the soil.

  • Raise your mower’s blade. Apparently, longer grass needs less water.
  • Don’t water unless the soil is dry 1 1/2 inches down
  • Water your garden early
  • Clump plants together for less surface area (really? this seems liked you’d use just as much, but with less efficiency for the plants)
  • Use a soaker hose
  • Don’t water the plants (foliage), water the soil around the base of the plant.
  • Use a saucer under potted plants.