25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

Recently I caught a re-run of a special that had appeared on HGTV a while back. A panel of decorators discussed the 25 biggest decorating mistakes people make. From least offensive to most, here’s the experts’ list.


25. ‘Contour’ toilet rugs

24. Too many photos displayed

23. Ignoring your entry way/foyer

22. Exposed cables—of the media variety

21. Out of place, themed rooms (a Bali bedroom in Alaska would be a no-no)

20. Outdated hardware and accessories

19. Lop-sided furniture arrangements

18. Keeping something you hate

17. Too formal décor (spaces shouldn’t be uninviting ‘museum rooms’)

16. Uncomfortable dining chairs

15. Lack of a traffic pattern through rooms

14. Making everything matchy-matchy

13. Following ‘fads’

12. Furniture that’s too big for a room, making it cramped

11. Too many colors or patterns in a room (they suggest, a safe bet is to stick to one large pattern, one small and a stripe or plaid)

10. ‘Floating’ area rugs (the front feet of the furniture arranged around the area rug should be placed on the rug to anchor it)

9. Improper lighting (they stress the importance of having dimmers on overhead lighting)

8. Artwork hung too high

7. Tacky couch covers

6. Up-against-the-wall furniture arrangements

5. Ignoring window treatments

4. Fear of color

3. Knick-knack overload

2. Too many pillows on sleeping or sitting surfaces

1. Fake flowers


If you’re like me and are guilty of a few of these faux-pas, don’t worry, even the expert panel confessed to having some of these no-no’s in their own living spaces! So what do you think…did the decorators forget anything?  


Pillow-overloaded bed image courtesy of The Mall.



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