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created on: 07/10/08

For the DIYer who has a penchant for vintage and wanderlust, nothing could be cooler than making your own classic trailer. Not to be attempted by the faint of heart, I’m guessing, but what a cool  project! I’m partial to the ‘lemon drop’, pictured above, but the ‘teardrop’ below is pretty sweet too. For links to these designs and others, visit Uncooped.


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DIY Maven on Jul 14, 2008:

Oooo Airstreams, don't get me started!

missjess on Jul 14, 2008:

Awesome! I saw a little teardrop model at a car show last summer, lovingly rebuilt and restored to match the early 50's auto pulling it. They're just too cool! I've always lusted after Airstreams and Chris Crafts... these trailers seem to be the lovechild of the two.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 11, 2008:

I think my husband's family left the farm for a week to travel in that camper out to Yellowstone. hehe

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