The Living Room is Dead; Long Live the 'Live-in' Kitchen

The Living Room is Dead; Long Live the 'Live-in' Kitchen

Okay, maybe the living room isn’t dead, but its prominence in the house isn’t what it used to be. Because of the way we live these days, the kitchen is the place to be. Maybe the kids are doing homework and we’re checking e-mail or paying bills, or perhaps we're entertaining. Whatever the situation, the kitchen is where the action is.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas says, “The trends in kitchen design are set to focus on comfort and usability. Imagine a kitchen that incorporates a couch, a television, a coffee table and internet access into its space.” They call this kind of kitchen a ‘live-in’ room because that’s exactly what we do there. Its versatility and usability fits our 21st century lifestyles.

For more inspiration, Kitchen Remodeling Ideas.

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