8 Creative Ways to Recycle Stationery

created on: 07/07/08

If you save calendars, greeting cards and leftover wrapping paper you could use them to decoupage something, or you could check out Real Simple’s clever ways to reuse them.

1. Instead of tucking them away where they can’t be seen, frame the images on cards or calendars in inexpensive IKEA wood frames.

2. Use them as media for a mixed-media art project.

3. Use wrapping paper to line the backs of bookcases or line tack boards in your cubical.

4. Cut shapes from calendars and greeting cards, punch a hole near their edges for interesting gift tags.

5. Use pretty bands of paper to wrap around bars of soap. They’ll add a decorative touch to a bathroom shelf.

6. Apply paper scraps to the inside of a blank book to serve as inspiration for journaling.

7. Wrap a band of decorative paper around a plain vase and adhere the ends with a glue dot for an instant bit of interest.

8. Cut strips and fashion them into napkin rings for your next party.

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