Mid Century Modern Makeover: Upholstered Seats

created on: 07/04/08

Finally, the last step of this project - the seats.  The snaps and the backs were more entailed, these  are standard, boxed, no cord, with top stitching. 

Take apart the seat tops and boxing, lay it out on your new fabric and cut out the pieces. 

1.  Check out the condition of the foam.  If it has become compressed, try using a steamer to refresh the old foam.  This foam bounced right back.

created on: 07/04/08

2.  Mark the center points on front and back of the boxing and cushion top.  Line up the center notch of the boxing with the center notch of the cushion top, pin together, right side to right side all the way around the cushion.

created on: 07/04/08

3.  Stitch all the way around, adjusting the center back seam allowance as you get to it so it fits perfectly when stitched on to the cushion top.

4.  Turn sewn cushion cover right side out.  With seam allowances folded toward the boxing, beginning at the center of the back, begin top stitching  1/4" away from the seam on the boxing, making sure to catch both layers of seam allowance underneath.  This gives your cushion a modern, finished look without cording.

created on: 07/04/08

5.  Now cut a piece of cloth or covering for the bottom of your seat cushions 1 inch larger than the seat bottom.  Fold edges under and attach with staples.  Screw seats back on the frame and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

created on: 07/04/08


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Faynilla on Aug 11, 2008:

i agree. i love the stitch work. can not do that. lol, not only do i lack the skills, and equipment but i would have never thought to do that. it looks great, and i bet it will hold up nicely. 

ModHomeEcTeacher on Jul 04, 2008:

Thank you.  I really appreciate that. The orange really jazzed it up.

tmgeorgo on Jul 04, 2008:

Fantastic results!  The detail and quality of the work you did to restore that set is amazing--you really brought it back to life.  I like the new look better than the old!

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